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Introduction to Maven

Build Systems

This course is an introduction to the basic features of Apache Maven. You will learn what Maven is and how it helps managing dependencies in your Java project. You will understand POM configuration, build phases and use plugins.

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This course covers:

  • Learning what Maven is and how it works
  • Understanding the concept of Maven archetypes
  • Creating a new web application using Maven
  • Understand build phases and lifecycle
  • Using Maven plugins and integrating with the Eclipse IDE



Introduction and Setting Up

In this unit, you'll understand what Maven is, and why it is useful. You will also setup a simple Maven project from scratch and configure pom.xml.

Introduction and Setting up Part 1 13 minutes
Introduction and Setting up Part 2 7 minutes



Maven Concepts

Understand some of the basic Maven concepts like archetypes, build phases and dependencies. Setup a web application using Maven that covers the concepts you've learned.

Understanding Archetypes and pom.xml 9 minutes
Maven Build Phases 13 minutes
Adding a Dependency 11 minutes
A Web Application Using Maven 9 minutes



Maven Plugins

Maven has a concept of plugins that let you implement added funcionality to your build cycle. Learn about the Jetty plugin that lets you spin up a servlet container right from a Maven command. Also, learn how to integrate Maven with Eclipse.

Introduction to Plugins with the Maven Compiler Plugin 7 minutes
Using the Jetty Plugin 9 minutes
Eclipse Plugin for Maven and Maven Plugin for Eclipse 10 minutes