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JavaScript for Developers


This course is an introduction to the Javascript programming language. The course is meant for a developer new to JavaScript, but who is familiar with programming using some of the more traditional programming languages like C++ or Java.

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This course covers:

  • Learning about JavaScript and its features
  • Understanding the type system and working with data and variables
  • Working with objects and functions
  • Understanding some of the unique concepts in JavaScript




In this unit, you'll get introduced to the course. You'll learn about the important facets of JavaScript and the language ecosystem. You'll learn about the history of the language. I'll also share some of my thoughts on learning JavaScript.

Introduction 3 minutes
Unit Introduction 1 minute
What is JavaScript 4 minutes
JavaScript as a scripting language 5 minutes
Why learn JavaScript 3 minutes
Some thoughts on learning JavaScript 3 minutes
Brief History of JavaScript 5 minutes
Setting up our Development Environment 7 minutes
Review 3 questions




In this unit, you'll learn about JavaScript functions, understand their 'first class' status and create them as function declarations and function expressions. You'll learn how to use functions on objects, use the `this` reference, as well as the implicit `arguments` argument.

Introduction to Functions 6 minutes
Flexible argument counts 4 minutes
Return Values 2 minutes
Function Expressions 3 minutes
Anonymous Function Expressions 3 minutes
Functions as arguments 4 minutes
Functions on Objects 3 minutes
Understanding the this keyword 9 minutes
Code Exercise 2 minutes
Exercise Solution 3 minutes
Default function arguments 7 minutes
Unit Summary 2 minutes



Wrapping Up

Let's wrap up this course by looking at a couple of miscellaneous topics and some next steps.

Array Methods 3 minutes
Array for each Method 5 minutes
Reading Assignment 2 minutes
Next Steps 3 minutes