2.2 Setting Up

We will now setup a new project in our development environment to start writing a REST API application.



  1. Latest Java EE version of Eclipse installed (Make sure you install the Java EE version, not the Java version)


  1. Open Eclipse and Choose New > Project > Maven Project
  2. Choose "Add Archetype" and enter the following details:

    Archetype Group ID: org.glassfish.jersey.archetypes

    Archetype Artifact ID: jersey-quickstart-webapp

    Archetype Version: 2.16

  3. Choose the newly entered archetype from the Archetype selection screen

  4. Enter your project details - Group ID, Artifact ID and version.
  5. Setup Tomcat in your Eclipse workspace
  6. Right click on the project and choose Run As > Run on server.


Take the Introduction to Maven course here: http://javabrains.koushik.org/courses/buildsys_mavenintro