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Understanding Spring AOP

Spring Framework

This course introduces the concepts of Aspect Oriented Programming and Spring AOP. You will learn to write Aspects in Java using Spring AOP and also understand the terminologies used in AOP along the way.

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This course covers:

  • Understanding Aspect Oriented Programming
  • Writing an Aspect in Java
  • Implementing Pointcuts and JoinPoints
  • Understanding and writing different types of Advice
  • Understanding AOP Proxies



Getting Started

This unit covers an introduction to aspect oriented Programming. You'll learn why and where aspect oriented programming is helpful. You'll also setup an environment and a starter application to write Spring AOP code.

Introduction to AOP 15 minutes
Setting Up AOP Dependencies 6 minutes



Wrapping Up

Implement Spring AOP using XML. Also understand how the machinery behind aspects work in a Spring AOP application, by writing our own mini-implementation of aspects.

AOP XML configuration 13 minutes
Understanding AOP Proxies 16 minutes