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Spring Boot Quick Start

Spring Framework

Learn how to create full end-to-end Spring applications using Spring Boot. This course is a quick start introduction to Spring Boot and a complete hands-on guide to building a complete database backed REST API using Spring technologies.

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This course covers:

  • Introducing Spring Boot
  • Learning multiple ways to create and bootstrap Spring applications
  • Implementing a REST API using Spring MVC
  • Implementing the data layer using Spring Data JPA
  • Understanding configuration, deployment and execution of your Spring applications



Spring MVC: The View Tier

This unit focuses on the view tier - with Spring MVC. Learn how to use Spring MVC annotations to map incoming REST API requests to controller methods. Learn how to access path variables and request body content to get data as well as send JSON responses from the REST API.

How Spring MVC Works 4 minutes
The REST API we'll build 4 minutes
Creating a business service 6 minutes
Getting a single resource 6 minutes
Creating a new resource using POST 10 minutes
Implementing Update and Delete 9 minutes



Booting Spring Boot

In this unit, we'll take a slight detour and examine the various different ways in which you can create a brand new Spring Boot application. Pick your favorite one!

Unit Overview 1 minute
Using Spring Initializr 5 minutes
Using Spring Boot CLI 6 minutes
Using the STS IDE 2 minutes
Using application properties 6 minutes



Spring Data JPA: The Data Tier

In this unit, we'll move to the data tier. We'll use the Spring Data JPA framework to connect to both an embedded Derby database as well as an external Derby database running in server mode. We'll leverage the CrudRepository to create simple CRUD operations, and also create custom find methods to extend and add new methods to the repository.

What is JPA 2 minutes
Adding Spring Data JPA 6 minutes
Creating a Spring Data JPA Repository 9 minutes
Making Crud Operations with Repository 14 minutes
Adding Course APIs 13 minutes
Adding Entity Relationship and Extending Repository 14 minutes



Deployment and monitoring

Let's wrap up this course by quickly looking at a couple of ways to package and run your Spring Boot application. We'll also learn how to enable Spring Actuator in your Spring Boot application to access realtime metrics about your app.

Packaging and running a Spring Boot app 4 minutes
Spring Boot Actuator 4 minutes
Wrap Up 2 minutes