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Beginning Struts 2

Struts 2

This course provides an introduction to the Struts 2 framework. You will understand the concepts of MVC, and learn to write a web application from scratch using Struts 2.

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This course covers:

  • Learning about MVC and Struts 2
  • Building a Struts 2 web application from scratch
  • Implementing Actions, Action mappings and namespaces
  • Understanding the ValueStack
  • Learning about Struts 2 Interceptors




Understand the concepts behind MVC - Model View Controller, and why we need an MVC framework. Get a big picture view of how the Struts 2 application architecture.

Introduction To MVC 18 minutes
Introduction to Struts 2 12 minutes



Setting Up

Setup your development environment to write Struts 2 applications. Bootstrap a simple Struts 2 application and write your first Struts 2 Action.

Setting Up 9 minutes
Writing a Struts 2 Application Part 1 16 minutes
Writing a Struts 2 Application Part 2 18 minutes




Learn about this powerful feature of Struts 2 that lets you configure "hooks" in your code. Implement and configure interceptors, and then understand how they work.

Introducing Interceptors 18 minutes
Configuring Interceptors 17 minutes
Anatomy of an Interceptor 21 minutes