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Angular 6 Basics

Angular Start Course

Learn how to use and build applications in the Angular framework. This is a 'from the basics' introduction to Angular that covers various features of the framework, as well as how to create run and deploy a web application with Angular

This course covers:

  • Understanding the component model approach to building Angular applications
  • Creating components and building component trees
  • Implementing interactivity by responding to user events
  • Building an application using services
  • Breaking the Angular application into modules
  • Making REST API calls using in-built services
  • Implement routing to build multi-view applications

Templates and Data Binding

Explore more template syntax and features like ngIf, component styling and inputs/outputs. Learn how two way data binding works with ngModel. Understand what Angular modules are.

 Looping with ngFor
 Using ngIf
 Passing inputs to components
 Using ngOnInit Lifecycle hook
 Passing member variables to components
 Styling Angular components
 Handling click events
 Two way data binding with ngModel


Learn about services in Angular. Create services and inject them into components using dependency injection. Use the HttpClient service to make REST API calls and receive responses.

 Creating and using multiple modules
 Creating a service
 Understanding dependency injection
 Service Injection Context
 Making REST calls with HttpClient
 Extending the sample app
 Building an Angular project


Create and manage multiple views and routes using the Angular Router. Learn how to configure routes, hook them to different root components and switch between routes using routerLink.

 Introduction to Routing
 Creating an angular project with routing
 Creating routes
 Route redirects and wildcards
 Configuring child routes
 Showing navigation for routes
 Wrap Up