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AngularJS Services In-Depth

Angular Start Course

Learn about services in AngularJS - an important concept to learn when building client side applications in AngularJS. Learn how to create services, as well as use the existing out-of-the-box services that come with Angular.

This course covers:

  • Learning what AngularJS services are and how to use them
  • Building an application using services
  • Understanding the different types of services - value, constant, factory and service
  • Making REST API calls using the $http service
  • Understanding promises and writing ansynchronous programming using promises

Rest API calls and Promises

Learn how to make REST API calls in Angular to interact with an API backend. Make an HTTP request with $http service and work with promises in AngularJS.

 Running a fake REST API
 Asyc JavaScript and callbacks

Building the application

Now let's apply the concepts we've learned into building REST API call interactions in the Contact Application. We'll implement GET, PUT and POST requests.

 REST API from service
 Saving updated data using PUT
 Handling success messaging
 Handling HTTP Errors
 Adding data using POST
 Course Summary