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Thinking in AngularJS 1

Angular Start Course

This course is an introduction to the Angular 1.x framework. Learn to code client side applications in Angular. Get a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts and learn to 'think' in AngularJS.

This course covers:

  • Understanding the need for client side frameworks and the problems Angular was created to solve
  • Creating a complete client side application with Angular
  • Understanding and using the directives that come out-of-the-box with Angular
  • Understanding scopes and controllers
  • Using modules and dependency injection

Anatomy of a client side application

Learn about the fundamental concepts that underly all JavaScript client side applications and understand the need for a client side application framework like JavaScript. If you are already familiar with client side programming, you may want to skip this unit.

 Course Objectives
 Should you learn Angular 1 or 2?
 Course Prerequisites
 HTML, CSS and JS What you need to know
 Why do we need Client Side Frameworks?

Introducing AngularJS

Meet AngularJS! Learn about the fundamental concepts and thinking behind the framework, get the dev environment setup and start building your first AngularJS application.

 The Key To Thinking In Angular
 Declarative vs Imperative Programming
 How an Angular Application Works
 Software Required
 Your First Angular Application
 Initializing and using variables

More directives

Learn a few more important Angular directives like ng-repeat, ng-show and ng-hide. Learn how you can split your Angular app into multiple modules. Then create a TODO app that ties in everything you've learnt in this course together.

 ngShow and ngHide
 Looping with ngRepeat
 Scopes in ngRepeat
 Angular Modules
 Using an External Module
 Coding Exercise Todo App
 Watch Me Code The Todo App 1
 Watch Me Code The Todo App 2
 Next Steps


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