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Spring Boot + JavaScript + Heroku

Watch me build a word search game from scratch using a Java backend for puzzle generation, Spring Boot for API and JavaScript front end for interactive playing experience. See the project built step-by-step and deployed on the cloud to Heroku.

Course curriculum

    1. What we are building

    2. How to access the completed code

    1. Outlining the word search puzzle

    2. Defining the grid

    3. Moving to a grid class

    4. First attempt at placing words

    5. Implementing dimension boundary check

    6. Checking prefilled spaces to eliminate overlap

    7. Supporting multiple directions of word placement

    8. Filling in words with random directions

    9. Adding more directions and finishing up the grid

    1. Initializing a Spring boot project

    2. Refactoring Grid service to make it stateless

    3. Starting up the API and running into nasty issues

    4. The fix for the issue

    5. Creating a Heroku App

    6. Deploying the API to Heroku

    7. Allowing-overlapping-words

    8. Fixing a bug and wrapping up API

    1. UI project setup and Parcel workflow

    2. Fetching API response

    3. Using Babel for transpiling JavaScript

    4. Fixing CORS issue with Spring Boot annotation

    5. Generating the grid table

    6. Displaying the word grid

    7. Styling the grid and using SCSS

    1. Adding event handlers and data attributes

    2. Selecting letters when click and drag

    3. Tracking selected letters and deduping

    4. Using a range-based approach for selecting words

    5. Implementing direction-limited selection of words

    6. Extracting and matching word found

    7. Fixing some bugs and cleaning up

    8. Getting words and grid size as user inputs

    9. Displaying user entered words in the UI

    10. Bundling and adding static assets to Spring Boot

    11. Deploying and verifying on Heroku

    1. Conclusion

    2. Next Steps

About this course

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  • 39 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content