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Architect Series

For where your career needs to be tomorrow

The Architect series brings you essential training to level you up! Learn the skills you need to have as a senior software engineer and make your way to the architect level.

Course curriculum

    1. 01.Introduction

    2. 02.What is Cloud Computing

    3. 03.Using Cloud Computing and the term

    4. 04.How we got to cloud computing

    5. 05.The on-prem model

    6. 06.Working with the on-prem model

    7. 07.Virtual machines

    8. 08.Key characteristics of on-prem data centers

    9. 09.The problem with on-prem

    1. 10.Exam practice question

    2. 11.Defining cloud computing - Gartner and NIST definitions

    3. 12.Five essential characteristics

    4. 13.A modern definition of cloud

    5. 14.Exam practice question

    6. 15.Exam practice question

    7. 16.Service models explained

    8. 17.Service model details and exceptions

    9. 18.Shared responsibility model

    10. 19.Exam practice question

    1. 20.Deployment models

    2. 21.Advantages and disadvantages of deployment models

    3. 22.Exam practice question

    4. 23.Exam practice question

    5. 24.Economies of scale

    6. 25.CapEx vs OpEx

    7. 26.Whatever As A Service

    8. 27.Exam question

    1. 28.Cloud Service Types

    2. 29.Cloud control of services

    3. 30.Pets vs Cattle

    4. 31.Regions

    5. 32.Availability Zones

    6. 33.Exam question

    7. 34.Exam question

    8. 35.Compute Services

    9. 36.Cloud Services Examples

    1. 37.Wrap Up

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