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Objects and Prototypes In-depth

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This course covers important object oriented concepts in JavaScript. There's more to JavaScript objects than simple key-value pairs. Learn advanced object and prototype concepts and unlock some powerful features of the JavaScript programming language. Learn how to use inhertance in your objects.

This course covers:

  • Learning how to create objects effectively using constructors
  • Learning different types of function executions and when to use what
  • Demystifying the `this` reference
  • Understanding JavaScript prototypes
  • Implementing code that uses object inheritance

Creating Objects

Learn about JavaScript constructor functions - a pretty neat way of creating objects and initializing objects. Understand how constructors work and how to write them.

 Objects Basics
 Creating objects
 JavaScript Constructors
 Difference between regular functions and constructors
 Switching function types and calls
 Unit 1 Review

Function execution and the `this` reference

Meet the mysterious and often confusing `this` reference. Learn about the four different ways of calling functions in JavaScript and how each of them affect the `this` reference. After going through this unit, you'll never be confused by that wily `this` reference again!

 Function Execution Types
 The this argument values
 Working on objects with this reference
 Using the call function
 Unit 2 Review


This unit covers advanced object oriented concepts in JavaScript, including how to create an inheritance hierarchy of your objects. All this, using the concept of prototypes. Learn how prototypes work in JavaScript and how to effectively use them in your code.

 When constructors aren't good enough
 Introducing the prototype
 Property lookup with prototypes
 Object behaviors using prototypes
 Object Links With Prototypes
 The Object function
 The Prototype object
 Inheritance In JavaScript
 Unit 3 Review