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    Databases and Data Stores for Backend Engineers

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Mastering Databases for Backend Engineers

From Foundations to the Future

Dive deep into the world of databases and data storage! Understand the database options available for a typical backend engineer and when to use what. This meticulously crafted course is more than just theory; it offers a blend of historical context, foundational concepts, and modern applications.

Whether you're gearing up for a system design interview, optimizing a current backend system, or navigating the vast landscape of data storage options, this course provides a comprehensive guide tailored for backend engineers.

Course outcomes

After watching this course, you will gain...

  • A foundational understanding of databases and their significance in backend development

  • Deep dives into various database models, their pros and cons, and when to use them

  • Strategies to scale databases effectively and maintain ACID compliance

  • Insights into ORM in Java, NewSQL databases, and the operation of time series databases

  • Practical knowledge through real-world use case studies and interactive audience Q&A sessions

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction and goal

    2. The importance of data storage

    3. Databases in system design interviews

    4. Other data storage types

    5. History of databases

    6. Databases in backend development

    7. Audience questions

    1. Understanding database types

    2. Audience questions

    3. Database models

    4. Schemas, indexes and transactions

    1. Relational database - key ideas

    2. ACID compliance

    3. Audience questions

    4. ORM in Java

    5. Pros, cons and when to use relational databases

    6. Relational database use case study

    7. Scaling strategies with RDBMS

    1. Introduction to NoSQL databases

    2. Types of NoSQL databases

    3. Key-value vs document databases

    4. Audience questions

    5. Advantages and disadvantages of NoSQL databases

    6. Strategies for ACID in NoSQL DBs

    7. Audience questions

    8. Transactions in document databases

    1. What are NewSQL databases_

    2. Use case for NewSQL

    3. Audience questions

    1. Time series databases

    2. How time series databases work

    3. When to choose time series database

    4. Disadvantages of time series databases

    5. Some use cases for time series databases

About this course

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  • 35 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

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