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Lambda and Streams superpowers!

Everything you need to know to write quality functional code in Java

The Functional Java course has been designed for developers with a foundational knowledge of Java, looking to delve deeper into the world of functional programming.

As the software industry increasingly adopts functional paradigms for various projects, understanding the core principles and practices becomes essential. This course not only introduces you to these concepts but also provides a hands-on approach, ensuring you're equipped with practical skills by the end.

Course Outcomes

After watching this course, you will...

  • Develop a solid foundation in functional programming principles with Java

  • Learn new lambda features and functional interface concepts

  • Implement lambda expressions and method references with confidence

  • Utilize functional interfaces and the Java Streams API effectively

  • Understand the nuances and benefits of pure functions and closures

  • Recognize the distinctions between OOP and functional paradigms

Course curriculum

    1. Functional Programming In Java

    2. What Is Functional Programming?

    3. Functions Vs Methods

    4. Limitations Of Object Oriented Programming

    5. First Class Functions

    1. Introducing Lambda Expressions

    2. Lambda Expression Examples

    3. Recommendation And Q&A

    4. Functional Interfaces

    5. Typing Lambdas With Interfaces

    6. Why Single Abstract Method

    7. Lambda Hands-On Coding

    1. Interface Typing, Not SAM Typing

    2. Revisiting The Task Example With Lambdas

    3. The Functional Interface Annotation

    4. Lambda Code Demo

    5. Lambdas Vs Anonymous Classes

    6. The Interface Overhead Of Lambdas

    1. JDK Functional Interfaces

    2. The Function Interface

    3. Consumer, Supplier, And Predicate

    4. JDK Functional Interfaces Hands-On

    5. Function Arity

    6. Operator Interfaces

    1. Method References

    2. Method Reference Examples

    3. Method References Hands-On

    1. Lambda Calling Lambdas Calling Lambdas

    2. Composability With AndThen And Compose

    3. Closures In Java

    4. Pure Functions

About this course

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  • 47 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

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