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Why take this course?

Using Git effectively is a crucial skill to have when working on large software projects

  • Learn and understand the Git mental model

  • Use branches like a pro! Learn how to merge, rebase, handle detached head and much more!

  • Learn how to manage your source code and "time-travel" to past states and fix mistakes

  • Be a comfortable command line Git user. You won't need UI for working with Git!

Course curriculum

    1. Message from the instructor

    2. Before we begin...

    1. What does a version control system do?

    2. Git and Github - high level workflows

    3. Installing git

    4. Initializing repository

    5. Git two stage commit explained

    6. The three state architecture

    7. Selectively staging and committing

    8. Think Changes Not Files!

    9. Commit message editor

    10. Seeing previous commits

    11. Committing a file delete

    12. Looking at code changes in commit history

    13. Clearing local changes with git checkout

    14. Unstaging files with git restore

    15. Amending your last commit

    16. Viewing diff of your changes

    17. Using gitignore

    1. Understanding a git commit

    2. Branching concepts

    3. Understanding branching with Git

    4. Creating and switching between branches

    5. Committing to a branch

    6. Understanding branch pointers and commits

    7. Fast forward merge

    8. Merge with commit

    9. Resolving merge conflicts

    10. Git log with branches

    11. Deleting branches

    12. Switching to an older commit

    13. Detached head - understanding and fixing

    14. Rebasing explained - what and why

    15. Doing a rebase

    1. Cloning a remote repository

    2. Committing to a cloned repo

    3. Making changes to the remote repo

    4. Understanding remote branches

    5. Checking out remote branches and handling detached head

    6. Examining and fetching from remote using git fetch

    7. Syncing remote changes with local

    8. Using git pull

    9. Fetching, merging and pushing from other remote branches

    10. Git fetch vs pull

    11. Doing git pull with rebase

    1. Forking a repository

    2. Making a pull request

    1. Conclusion

    2. Before you go...

About this course

  • $50.00
  • 49 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content