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Introduction To Hibernate

Hibernate Start Course

This course provides an introduction to the Hibernate ORM framework. You will understand the concept of Object Relational Mapping (ORM). You will learn to use Hibernate to write Java applications that connect to a relational database. You will also learn various JPA annotations that let you map classes to relational models.

This course covers:

  • Understanding ORM
  • Using Hibernate to access and work with a database
  • Using JPA and Hibernate annotations
  • Mapping classes of various complexities to a relational database schema
  • Learning about the lifecycle of entities and how Hibernate works

Getting Started

This unit introduces you to the Hibernate framework. You'll understand what ORM means and the role Hibernate plays as an ORM. You'll also create a simple working Java application that uses Hibernate to save an object to the database.

 Introduction To Hibernate
 Setting Up Hibernate
 Writing a Hibernate Application
 Writing the Model Class with Annotations
 Saving Objects using Hibernate APIs

Entity Mapping with JPA

In this unit, you'll start learning about JPA annotations - a way for you to map Java classes and its member variables into relational database tables.

 hbm2ddl Configuration and Name Annotations
 More Annotations
 Retrieving Objects using session.get
 Primary Keys
 Value Types and Embedding Objects
 AttributeOverrides and Embedded Object Keys