About this course

When we browse the web, we see HTML web pages everywhere. Web pages created using HTML provide us information, images and even interactive features. 

In this course, I'll take you from "What the heck is HTML?" to being able to create your own website with an "About Me" page that you will build using HTML code. You will leave this class with not just a good understanding of the fundamentals of HTML code and the ability to write your own HTML web pages, but more importantly, a deeper understanding of how the web works!

What you will learn

Here is some of the skills you will acquire by the end of this course

  • Learn about HTML tags and how they work

  • Understand the behavior of block and inline elements

  • Set foundational knowledge of semantic HTML concepts right from the start

  • Understand HTML attributes and document structure

  • Learn what CSS is and the concept of cascading styles

  • Learn how to use images, fonts and colors in your HTML page

  • Master the box model concepts that even some experienced HTML developers struggle lwith

  • Wield CSS selectors to effectively style your HTML pages

  • Understand Flexbox and how to use it for building complex layouts

  • Learn how to deploy your own public website for free with GitHub Pages

Course Prerequisites

This is a complete beginner's course.
No coding experience necessary!

  • A Windows, Mac or Linux computer (Desktop or laptop)

  • Some familiarity with using the computer

  • Navigating and saving files and folders, opening applications etc

Course curriculum

    1. About this course

    2. The history of the world wide web

    3. A rich text analogy

    4. Your first HTML file (kinda)

    5. Your first HTML tag

    6. More tags

    7. Creating Headings

    8. Day 1 Audience Questions

    1. Development setup - Codepen

    2. Development setup - Visual Studio Code

    3. HTML Code Editing Workflow

    4. White space and the paragraph tag

    5. Say what, not how with HTML tags

    6. Ordered and unordered lists

    7. Learning about HTML attributes

    8. Adding images to your HTML

    1. Assignment solution

    2. HTML document structure

    3. Title, code structure and comments

    4. Your first CSS attributes

    5. Playing with text colors

    6. What does _cascading_ in CSS mean_

    1. Moving CSS out with selectors

    2. Specificity in CSS styling

    3. IDs in HTML tags and when to use them

    4. Class in HTML tags and when to use them

    5. The div tag and when to use it

    6. The span tag and when to7 use it

    7. Learning more div styling

    8. Assignment

    1. Understanding the HTML box model

    2. Border styles and color codes

    3. Display block, inline and inline-block

    4. Building a profile page hands on - Part 1

    5. Building a profile page hands on - Part 2

    6. Building a profile page hands on - Part 3

    1. External fonts with Google fonts

    2. Font types and fallback mechanisms

    3. Moving to a standalone CSS file

    4. Debugging_ HTML with developer tools

    5. Learning HTML tables

    6. Assignment

About this course

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  • 11 hours of video content