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Master Java Collections!

In-Depth Course for Java Developers

The third step in your Java Backend Development journey is here. Dive into the comprehensive world of Java Collections with this specialized course designed for every Java developer.

From understanding equality to exploring Lists, Sets, Maps, and Queues, this course demystifies the complex aspects of Java collections. Prepare to unlock the real power of data structures and coding techniques!

Course Outcomes

After watching this course, you will...

  • Understand the principles of equality, hash codes, and how to implement them in Java.

  • Gain practical experience with hashing and equality through hands-on exercises.

  • Grasp the concepts of time and space complexity to optimize your code.

  • Learn how to work with Comparator and Comparable for object comparison in Java.

  • Explore the use of different iterators, including fail-fast iterators, and understand the Collection interface hierarchy.

  • Master the List interface, including LinkedList, Vector, and advanced topics like Autoboxing and SubList.

  • Acquaint yourself with various Set implementations like HashSet, LinkedHashSet, SortedSet, TreeSet, and NavigableSet.

  • Get familiar with the Map, Queue, and Deque interfaces, and discover unique classes like WeakHashMap.

Course curriculum

    1. Collections overview

    2. Equality and the equals method

    3. Rules for equality

    4. Walkthrough of an equals implementation

    5. Hashing and hash codes

    6. Equality and hash codes

    7. Hands-on exercise

    1. Time complexity

    2. Space complexity and tradeoffs

    3. Comparator and Comparable

    1. The iterator pattern

    2. Fail fast iterators

    3. The Collection interface hierarchy

    1. The List interface

    2. Amortized time complexity

    3. LinkedList

    4. Vector

    5. Autoboxing with Lists

    6. CopyOnWriteArrayList

    7. List iterators

    8. SubList

    9. Equals with List objects

    1. The Set interface

    2. HashSet

    3. HashSet load factor and capacity

    4. LinkedHashSet

    5. SortedSet and TreeSet

    6. TreeSet exercise

    7. NavigableSet

    1. The Map interface

    2. The Queue interface

    3. The Deque interface

    4. WeakHashMap

About this course

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  • 34 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

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