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Java 8 Lambda Basics

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Java 8 introduces an exciting new addition to the language - lambdas. Get started using lambdas and write code using the functional programming paradigm. Learn how to use lambdas to make your code more readable and maintainable.

This course covers:

  • Understanding Java 8 lambdas and how to use them
  • Comparing lambdas with anonymous inner classes
  • Using lambdas with functional interfaces
  • Understanding and using method references
  • Working with collections and streams using lambdas

More Lambda Features

Learn more usage patterns with lambdas. Learn about functional interfaces that come out of the box with Java 8. Also learn how to handle exceptions and how the this reference behaves in lambdas.

 Using Function Interfaces
 More Functional Interfaces
 Exception Handling in Lambdas
 An Exception Handling Approach
 Closures in Lambda Expressions
 The this reference in lambdas

Method References and Collections

Learn about another syntax for writing certain lambda expressions - method references. Also learn about collections and streams in Java 8 and how the API benefits from the use of lambda expressions.

 Method References
 The foreach iteration
 Introduction To Streams
 More About Streams
 Wrap Up


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