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Developing SOAP Web Services with JAX-WS

Java EE Start Course

This course introduces you to SOAP Web Services using the JAX-WS standard specification. You will learn what SOAP web services are and how to write them. You will be writing a web service application, deploying, running and testing it on Glassfish. You will also learn to consume SOAP web services.

This course covers:

  • Understanding what web services are
  • Writing a web service client
  • Writing a web service endpoint
  • Understanding the various components of a WSDL
  • Using JAX-WS annotations to write code that handles web service requests


This unit introduces you to web services. You'll learn some of the terminologies. You'll also build a simple client program that consumes an existing web service.

 Introduction to Web Services
 Web Service Jargon
 Writing a Web service Client - Stub generation
 Writing a Web service Client - Calling the Service

JAX-WS Clients and Tools

In this unit, you'll learn about some of the tools that let you work with SOAP web services. You'll also revisit the wsimport utility and learn what it does.

 Using SoapUI
 Using Web Service Explorer
 Using Endpoint
 wsimport Revisited


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