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    1. Welcome to the course

    2. Before we begin...

    1. The concept of a project

    2. Characteristics of Maven

    3. Setting up Maven

    1. Creating a Maven project

    2. Project creation - what actually happened?

    3. Examining the project structure

    4. Understanding Maven coordinates

    5. Making code changes for compilation

    6. Compiling with Maven.mp4

    7. Testing and packaging with Maven

    1. Declarative dependency management explained

    2. Examining the POM dependencies section

    3. Adding a new dependency

    4. Understanding transitive dependencies

    5. Maven strategies for transitive dependencies

    6. Dependency scopes

    7. Declaring and using properties

    1. Maven local repository concepts

    2. Maven architecture in the enterprise

    3. Running Maven install

    4. Creating a new Maven project in IDE

    5. Creating and running a web application using Maven

    1. The Maven build lifecycle

    2. Clean and site lifecycles

    3. Running clean and site lifecycle phases

    4. Maven plugins explained

    5. Maven surefire report plugin

    6. A note on default plugins

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