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Learning Spring Core

Spring Framework Start Course View on Thinkific

This course provides an introduction to the Spring framework. You will understand the concepts of dependency injection, understand how the core Spring framework works and how to write an application using it.

This course covers:

  • Understanding dependency injection
  • Understanding the Spring application context
  • Implementing a Spring application by configuring and using Spring beans
  • Writing lifecycle hooks and BeanPostProcessors
  • Writing event handling logic

Introduction to Spring and Dependency Injection

Learn what the Spring Framework is all about. Understand the concept of Dependency Injection and get started with using the Spring framework. You'll learn how to setup your development environment to start writing Spring applications. You'll also create and inject Spring beans using XML configuration.

 Understanding Dependency Injection
 Setting Up
 Understanding Spring Bean Factory
 Writing Code Using the Bean Factory
 ApplicationContext and Property Initialization
 Using Constructor Injection
 Injecting Objects
 Inner Beans, Aliases and idref
 Initializing Collections
 Bean Autowiring

Scopes and Lifecycles

Understand the concept of scopes in a Spring application. Learn how to access the application context directly from your code. Use the bean inheritance feature to manage your configuration. Implement various post-processor hooks to tap into the lifecycle of your Spring application.

 Understanding Bean Scopes
 Using ApplicationContextAware
 Bean Definition Inheritance
 Lifecycle Callbacks
 Writing a BeanPostProcessor
 Writing a BeanFactoryPostProcessor
 Coding To Interfaces

Annotations and Event Handling

There is an easier (and better) way to manage your Spring configuration - using Annotations. Learn how to declare and configure Spring beans using annotations. Learn how to autowire beans and implement component stereotypes. Also learn how to write and publish custom events in your Spring application.

 Introduction to Annotations and the Required Annotation
 The Autowired Annotation
 Some JSR-250 Annotations
 Component and Stereotype Annotations
 Using MessageSource To Get Text From Property Files
 Event Handling in Spring