Angular is an open source platform / framework for building rich web applications. These applications are typically called ‘single page applications’ and they provide dynamic and interactive functionality to the user right on their web browser.

Written using JavaScript or TypeScript, the applications you can build using Angular makes use of best practices to solve common challenges with webapplication development. The framework is built to take care of the common needs to web developers and make iteasier and quicker to build any client application.

Angular comes in two flavors. Angular 1 (also called AngularJS) and Angular 2+ versions (just called Angular). Angular versions 2+ are entirely different from Angular 1. The courses on this page specify which version of Angular it covers, so make sure you take the course on the version of Angular that you are interested in.


Thinking in AngularJS 1

Angular JS

This course is an introduction to the Angular 1.x framework. Learn to code client side applications in Angular. Get a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts and learn to 'think' in AngularJS.

JavaScript AngularJS
AngularJS Services In-Depth

Angular JS

Learn about services in AngularJS - an important concept to learn when building client side applications in AngularJS. Learn how to create services, as well as use the existing out-of-the-box services that come with Angular.

JavaScript AngularJS