TypeScript is a free and open-source programming language that's very closely related to, and is a great alternative to JavaScript. It starts with the JavaScript syntax, and adds a lot of features that are missing in the JavaScript programming language - features like static typing, which gives it its name.

TypeScript comes with a compiler that transpiles your TypeScript code to native JavaScript, which means that you can use TypeScript everywhere you can use JavaScript! You can write TypeScript code that transpiles to scripts that runs on browsers as well as servers using the NodeJS runtime. This page lists some of the courses on TypeScript.


TypeScript Basics


This course is an introduction to the TypeScript programming language. The course is meant for the JavaScript developer who wants to write code in TypeScript. You'll learn about the TypeScript programming language, and the additional features it comes with. You'll be able to write a complete application using TypeScript and then transpile it and execute it in JavaScript.

TypeScript Core