Hundreds of YouTube videos! Thousands of tutorial blog posts!

Feeling lost yet?

There is no shortage of video tutorials and blog posts online today. In fact, we have the opposite problem. We have too many of them. How often do you watch a tutorial and end up not getting what you wanted? Or realize you don't have the prerequisite information? How often do you not even know what to learn? You don't need more free tutorials. You need planned and guided learning. You need a learning map!

Your Learning Roadmap

A to B to Rockstar Developer

Wouldn't it be nice if someone gave you a full and clear path to go from where you are to being a kickass developer? How about if every step of the way had clear, detailed and job-oriented online courses? How about if those courses also came with hands-on assignments that you can use to practice and develop confidence? You've come to the right place!

Hands-on coding assignments

Watch. Learn. Do. Learn.

Watching video tutorials is just the beginning. Get hands-on assignments with course videos that allow you to actually apply and implement what is being taught in the course material. This is active learning!

Your complete path to becoming a successful developer

  • Video training

    Watch it done! See hundreds of video tutorials and follow end-to end courses covering every step of your developer journey

  • Learning maps included

    Learning roadmaps to guide you what to learn, combined with full courses on the topics you need. No more searching hundreds of courses and videos to learn something

  • Don't just learn. Understand!

    No more tutorials that only teach you "quick starts".
    Java Brains tutorials are known for building a strong fundamental understanding that paves your way to succeed in the future.

Your membership includes unlimited access to all these courses

Plus every course I'll produce and add in the future!